Justin McNulty ‘20: Protesters plan to fill the streets of Paris again for the fifth straight weekend, in a continuation of the “Yellow Jacket” protests in France.

Consisting of the unemployed, low income pensions, those struggling to live off minimum wage or welfare, and blue and white collar workers, the Yellow Jackets represent the French citizen’s disapproval of current President Emmanuel Macron.

Because of the high supply of these yellow reflective vests that the French Government requires motorists to wear, the protestors adopted this symbol to draw attention.

The Yellow Jackets feel harassed by President Macron’s high tax system and demand a change to their unjust treatment. Citizens of small towns and communities all over France, include those struggling to make ends meet and fueling the anger behind the protests.

The future demands from the Yellow Jackets vary due to the movement consisting of several citizens who vote far left or far right. Some want to abolish France’s system of government and put in place a way to let citizens remove those in power when the disapproval rating reaches such a height, as President Macron’s current rating. While other members of the movement want to keep the same style of Democracy in France, yet place their own candidates in office to encourage change.

President Macron, addressed the country on Monday and claims he’s working on raising the minimum wage by next month and abolishing the hated tax on low pensions.

“We are at a historical changing point in the history of our country,… my concern is only you, our only battle is for France,” President Macron said in a CNN article.

The people’s frustration and distrust with President Macron causes them to doubt the truthfulness of his claims.

Six members of the protest so far lost their lives from the French Police’s retention efforts to stop these protests.

However, even after President Macron’s proposal and the threat of death, the Yellow Jackets announced the continuation of their protests for this upcoming weekend and show no sign of Stopping anytime soon.


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