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 Thursday, November 14, Mr. Lamb and his World Studies East class had a school wide Fundraiser for the Philippines during first hour. After the Pledge of Allegiance, fifteen students at the RETC and fifteen students at Romeo High School went around to each individual class and collected money for the Red Cross. Lamb’s World Studies East class chose to support the Philippines after the tragic typhoon that resulted in over 10,000 people dead.

“If everyone could contribute even a small amount it would make a difference. The storm not only destroyed property but families as well. We are hoping our contributions will be enough to make an impact,” said Ryan Michal (12) one of the students participating in the fundraiser.

Mr. Lamb organized the fundraiser with students from his World Studies East Class.

“Its horrible. You watch it [CNN]. The world is full of all kind of bad stuff happening, sometimes you want to just make a difference. So I said to the students, ‘I don’t want to feel helpless anymore, let’s not be helpless.’ I talked about it with them and we decided Romeo should do something,” Lamb said.

At the end of the day, Mr. Lamb and his students ended up raising $1,041.78. For those who wish to continue to donate, Romeo Family Diner is keeping a donation jar out. All donations will go to Red Cross in their efforts to aid victims of the typhoon.

Photo by Khadeejah Ahmed ’14

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