Alyssa Curtis ‘16 – Along with cold weather, icy roads, and snow, winter also brings new clothing trends that stick for the whole season. Most dread this time of year because of the way they have to dress; bundling up an excessive amount of layers every time you have to leave your house becomes slightly irritating.

However, bundling up can be fashionable as well as cozy.

The winter season tends to brings back the same type of clothing every year, but with new twists. Puffy down-feather jackets and fuzzy boots serve as a perfect fit for extremely frigid conditions. Some girls just try to keep warm, and don’t pay attention to what they are wearing half of the time.

“I don’t care what I wear, I just try to keep myself as warm as possible,” Alexis Jandreski ‘15 said.

Clothing trends that have emerged this winter season are simple things: infinity scarves, tall rainboots, and long cardigan sweaters. Regardless of this, other clothing items are seen all around just as much as these. Staying warm arises as an absolute top priority, and girls like to keep it simple, warm, and especially cute. Cozy leg warmers can be added to taller boots to spark a little more style in an outfit.

“I like winter clothes better than summer because you get to wear more layers,” Alexandra Giordano ‘16 said, “I like wearing boots and scarves because it adds more style and keeps me warm.”

Teens like to follow the latest trends, but most guys just wear whatever keeps them comfortable at school.

“I like to keep with the trends going around the school but I put it into a more comfortable style,” Vincent Lantzy ‘17 said.

Following trends is an important asset for high schoolers, boys and girls alike. Winter weather offers opportunities to start up trends, or add a personal flare to a recurring one.

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