Sarah Spuz ‘17- Everyone has that picture perfect expectation for winter break. Strolling around the snowy streets of Michigan, hand and hand with someone they love. Sadly, most of the time this isn’t reality. More often than not, we end up finding ourselves lounging on the couch in our living room binge watching our favorite TV shows on Netflix surrounded by endless bags of chip and Christmas cookies.

“During break for the most part, I spent it at home on my couch watching Netflix, I didn’t do anything,” Angie Agudelo ‘19 said.

Winter break falls on the holiday season. Most of the time on Christmas everyone the expects waking up in the morning, looking out the window and seeing a mammoth white blanket covering their lawn. Also, expecting to receive the coveted midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve from their boyfriend/girlfriend.

But this isn’t reality, well at least not for some. On New Year’s Eve, I found myself binge watching Gossip Girl, and around 11:50pm when I turned on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2016 until the ball dropped, releasing me to continue binge watching Gossip Girl.

“On New Year’s eve, I just sat home with my family and just watched the ball drop,” Meagan Hebert ‘19 said. “I didn’t do much of anything really.”

A a lot of people had hopes set high for this break. While some were able to fulfill their winter break dreams, others found themselves eagerly awaiting their routine to return to normal.

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