Why I Would Re-Elect President Trump

Garrett Brown ’22: November 3rd, 2020: the most important day of the year for our country. People and delegates across the nation choose the man to lead the United States of America. Whether President Donald Trump resumes his time in office or former Vice President Joe Biden takes over the presidency in January, stress consumes every step toward that decision. While my inability to vote hinders me from participating in this choice, our country’s future relies on just one of the candidates: President Trump. 

I understand those who dislike President Trump for his sometimes inappropriate behavior and tweets. He says and does some bad things, but not a single president in history has been, nor ever will be, perfect. However, that is no reason whatsoever to remove him from office. Presidency should be chosen based on policy and ability to lead, not on personality. 

President Trump often demonstrates his strong leadership and shows time and time again that he remains unmoved by threats. He sticks to what he says, he’s not all-talk and no action. He promotes and maintains the strongest military in the world as well as law and order within the country. The latter being a very relevant topic right now, President Trump is the far superior candidate to preserve the police that risk their lives to protect us. 

President Trump not only protects the nation from itself, but also from foreign threats. The incumbent is the first in American history to step foot in North Korea and he spent his time there discussing the de-escalation of nuclear testing. No threats exchanged between the two leaders and peace between the U.S, North and South Korea endures today. Like President Reagan with Russia in the past, this negotiation ended the prediction of nuclear war and brings us one step closer to world posterity. 

The commander-in-chief has resolved several other foreign affairs and threats. Using our unstoppable military force, President Trump tracked down the leader of the terrorist group ISIS, leading to the dismantling of the group. 

The president not only ended one of the worst terrorist organizations of all time, but he also recently developed a peace and stability plan for the Middle East. This plan will establish a peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates as well as between Israel and Sudan. The resulting tranquility that this agreement may bring has warranted President Trump’s second Nobel Peace Prize nomination, the first being for his peace treaty in North Korea.

How is it possible that a man that continually demonstrates his ability to create peace is being questioned for that very skill? If the citizens of the United States want to stay away from foreign conflicts, then why are they so vocally insulting the man who has kept them out of any new wars? 

How can a man be accused xenophobic when his wife is an immigrant; when he limits foreign travel to prevent the spread of a disease? How can a man be accused racist when he builds a wall that encourages legal immigration rather than illegally coming to the country and taking people’s jobs, carrying illegal drugs, and participating in human trafficking; when he runs an administration that lowers African American unemployment and poverty rates; when he signs a bill that will spend $250 million annually on historically black colleges and universities; when he, on numerous occasions, condemns white supremacy and the KKK? 

Regardless, the economy and job market remains President Trump’s strongest attribute, something predicted before his election. Despite COVID-19 shutting down the economy and removing millions of people from their jobs, President Trump turned things around quickly. 

As of August 2020, statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that wages started increasing again. Prior to the pandemic, the unemployment rate declined to the lowest it’s ever been since half a century ago, three and a half percent. 

While the pandemic took a toll on several citizens’ jobs, President Trump continues to follow his previous growth trend. From May to September, 11.4 million jobs were restored from the reported 22 million lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Studies published in September by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bloomberg, respectively, show that the unemployment rate plummeted all the way back down to about eight percent and the Dow Jones stocks almost returned to the highest it has ever been, accomplished by President Trump in February before the pandemic. To top it all off, the United States GDP is still projected to be the highest in the world despite the economic shutdown. 

Not to mention, President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lowered taxes for the middle and lower class. Removing this bill will, in turn, raise those taxes again. I think I speak for the majority by saying I prefer lower taxes. 

While I could go on and on about how former Vice President Biden isn’t the correct choice for presidency, my point is already clear enough: statistics and facts show that President Trump continues to improve this country despite troubles that no other president in our lifetime has seen. President Trump must stay in office if we want to keep America great. 

Why I Would Vote for Former Vice President Joe Biden

Emi McCullough ‘22: As Election day comes rolling around the corner, I strongly encourage voters to choose former Vice President Joe Biden as their pick for the next President of The United States of America. 

Many people ask me why I support Joe Biden for president over our current incumbent President Donald Trump. I feel that he is the best choice for the American people, and the prosperity of our country. I found an Article by The San Diego Union-Tribune who perfectly sums up my thoughts: “Let’s bring back empathy to the White House, let’s bring back a sense of unity throughout our country, let’s bring back Joe Biden.” 

I like what democratic nominee Joe Biden stands for – he speaks out encouraging voters that we have a chance to choose hope over despair, and love over hate. He wants to unify this country, and make it a safe place for everyone. No matter your race, religion, gender, beliefs, or party, he will represent and fight for you. 

I agree and support Joe Biden’s plans and policies in his campaign, especially his stances on guns, race and policing, the economy, women’s rights, climate, COVID-19, and healthcare.

To name a few, Joe Biden has a real plan for Covid-19, he is ready to protect our country with action which will give immediate relief to Americans around the country. He knows the first steps in helping America through this pandemic is restoring trust, credibility, and common purpose. Joe Biden will also protect the Affordable Care Act, which he will build on, giving Americans more choices, reducing healthcare costs, and making our health care less complex to navigate. He will unite our country, not divide it. He has made and set out a plan to open our schools, and business safety.

Joe Biden will take care of and honor our veterans, active military, and their families. He will invest in our infrastructure that will create millions of jobs, and deliver an equitable clean energy future. He listens to science. He will increase the minimum wage, and he has a plan to end the opioid crisis. He will hold the companies and people accountable, make effective prevention, and treatments, reform the criminal justice system so that no one is incarcerated for drug use alone, and stop the flow of illicit drugs into the United states from places like China and Mexico. He will advance LGBTQ+ equality, taking steps against hate and discrimination, and march towards equality. Joe Biden also has a plan to move forward with recovery, renewal, and respect for Puerto Rico. 

I believe his plans and policies are in the right direction, and will aid the citizens in this country well. I am also in favor of his policies because he and his team are acknowledging issues that are immensely affecting the citizens of this country right now. He recognizes words mean nothing without action, and understands the necessity for change.

He believes racism is a systemic problem, and created policies to address racial disparities in the Justice System. He wants funding to go into research for the prevention of gun violence. He supports raising the federal minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour. He knows we need a fair and humane immigration system. He calls for action on climate change, which is affecting our planet tremendously. He talks about the importance of mental health, and that it needs to be made a top priority. He advocates for wearing a mask, not just for your health, but for the wellbeing of others. He understands that reproductive rights are Constitutional rights, and that every woman should have that right. He believes in science, and listens to the scientists. And he backs up the belief that healthcare should be a right, and not a privilege. 

Joe Biden uses his platform for good, by speaking out on human rights as well. He believes and advocates for the Black Lives Matter movement, racial justice, the existence of systemic racism, civil rights, women’s rights, violence against women, LGBTQ+ rights, and mental health. Because Joe Biden addresses these issues, rather than deny their exacticane or significance, I feel he is the right choice for the people of this country, and the future of our nation. 

Our country’s future is on the line, and as everyday passes my support continues to stay the same. Joe Biden continues to advocate for the things I believe in and I trust he will bring a bright and better future for me and the people in this country. Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, this election is no longer a decision of politics, but about the future and sake of our nation, and Joe Biden is the only candidate I feel is suitable for the job. 

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