Brooke Hochstein ‘17- This year’s homecoming proved to be a little different than the past years. With a set of new enforced rules, some students doubted that the dance would be as fun. After homecoming, a twitter poll was made to see which dance, out of the last four years, was the best.  According to the 120 students who voted, this year’s homecoming was the favorite among the students.

42% of the students said this year, 34% said 2015, only 9% said 2014, and 15% said 2013. So what makes one homecoming better than the other?  


Only the seniors were around to attend this homecoming, but some still believe it to be the best. The theme being a Haunted Homecoming, the gym was designed with scary decorations, and the students all felt the Halloween spirit in the air.

“Freshman year (2013) was fun because it was all new to me and I liked dancing with all of my friends from different grades,” Carly Wilson ‘17 said. “It was the first time I got to wear heels!”


This homecoming was the least favorite among the four. But why was the Dancing Through the Decades themed homecoming so commonly disliked?

“Sophomore year (2014) was fun but it definitely wasn’t my favorite,” Alexis Spiegel ‘17 said. “The dance was kinda boring compare to other years.”


Last years homecoming seemed to be well-liked by most of the students who attended. The theme was, “Smitten in the Mitten,” making the whole week filled with Michigan related activities.

“My favorite was probably junior year (2015),”  Krystal Radzitowski ‘17 said. “I liked it because it was more laid back and I didn’t feel like all the teachers were watching me.”


Finally, this year’s homecoming! Bulldogs around the world! Homecoming was designed to be a cultural expedition and the spirit week themes followed in suit. Although the rules and contract made some students hesitant, the night ended up being one of the best yet.

“I liked this year the best because the djs were really good and played fun music,” Antonet Gjeleviq ‘18 said.

All the homecomings owned a different theme that made them all unique in different ways. So which one was your favorite?

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