As the Christmas season rolls around, moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles and children all scramble to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Over the course of multiple days, and dozens of hours, the journey of finding presents remains quite a long process. In downtown Romeo, Michigan, small businesses are in high demand for people looking for gifts. Every shop offers something unique and different for that particular store. If you are someone struggling to find a present, go into town to one of the many small shops only offered in Romeo.

Kayla Kieleszewski ‘18: Looking to wrap up some sweet treats for your loved ones this year? Bake My Day bakery, located in Frontier Town, sells anything imaginable. From their best-selling cheesecake to cookies, they bake it.

Because he fell in love with the “small town feel,” Tony Maassarani decided to open up a local bake shop in Romeo back in 2015. Massarani emphasizes on using fresh, local produce in all his delicious creations. He supports the farmers within the area in order to sell great tasting treats for the community.

The bakers at Bake My Day admit that Christmas, and of course the annual Peach Festival, are easily the busiest times of the year. During Christmas time, the remarkable cookie trays and festively decorated sugar cookies fly off the shelves. The bakers spend all day keeping up with these extremely popular items.

Some other treats customers find at Bake My Day include: carrot cakes, tarts, pies, brownies, baklava, muffins and so many other delicious goods, all baked fresh each and every day.

The holiday season becomes busy and chaotic. This year, instead of stressing over any last minute gifts, take a quick trip up to your local bakery, Bake My Day.

Macy Manchester ‘18: In the Historic Village of Romeo, a small business opened in 2007, called the Village Winery. The winery offers a variety of custom crafted wines that can be bought and viewed as a simple, yet generous gift during the holiday seasons. When you visit the Village Winery, you immediately feel welcomed and warmed by their hospitality. Wines can be purchased by the case, bottle, or glass and the store also offers the option of sitting down and eating an appetizer with your drink. When you purchase a bottle, a unique way of making it a memorable gift is having the option to customize the label such as adding a picture or a design. Not only is the option of sitting down and enjoying a glass of wine available to the public, but also renting a room that can be used for a small gathering with friends and family. If you or someone you know is looking for a small, hometown place to enjoy a variety of wine flavors or buy a bottle of wine to make one of your own, visit the Village Winery in downtown Romeo.

Ceren Polat ’18: If you are looking to build up your families Romeo gear, head to Fams located on Main Street in downtown Romeo. Fams provides a diverse selection of Romeo apparel,  including hoodies, t-shirts, car stickers, event t-shirts, scarves, hats, varsity jackets and so much more. Head into town to visit Fams and shop for family of all ages this Christmas.

Isabella Capanda ‘19: The Secret Closet has been apart of the Romeo Community for 15 years. This store is a high quality resale shop that is located on 103 S Main Street. The shop is filled with hand-picked quality items that are great for all ages. The Secret Closet caters to sizes ranging from small to 2x-large in both men and women sizes.

The Secret Closet is the perfect place to shop during the season of giving. Find your perfect gift at The Secret Closet and give back to the community.

Contact The Secret Closet at (586)752-2137, or email For more information, visit

Taylor Demeere ‘19: Tis’ the season for holiday shopping, and no place better to go than your own hometown. With a wide variety of shops and stores, Romeo makes for a perfect shopping destination. Swing into Vera’s Balloons-R-Fun if you’re looking for a simple and cheap gift for the kids and teens in your life. Vera’s holds a wide range of items, from dolls and action figures, to sports gear and posters.

This unique shop is well-known to the Romeo community, and remains an even bigger part of the city. If you’re doing some last minute shopping, and looking to help out a local business, head to downtown Romeo and take a look around.

Megan Ferguson ‘19: Downtown Romeo. A small town that attracts many visitors. From diners to antique shops, Romeo is a hotspot destination. Situated on main street, the Village Florist adds a unique flare in the pint-sized town.

Established approximately 30 years ago, Roz and Carl Mischley always knew they wanted to open a business.

“My husband worked for someone that had a shop, they sold it to us,” Roz Mischley said.  “We did just have tiny children at the time. We knew we would like to raise our children in Romeo. We thought it would be a great place to grow.”

Serving Romeo and the surrounding communities,  the Village Florist sells a variety of flowers for many occasions including Christmas, anniversaries, weddings, school dances, and birthdays.

“We sell flowers for all occasions. We sell them for this time of year, for holidays, for Christmas. The most busy months of the year would be October, December, and May,” Mischley said. “We sell them for weddings, funerals and everyday birthday celebrations.  We sell lots of different things for lots of different people. One of our most popular ones is a natural fresh flower arrangement that features evergreens, cones, berries, and we call it the holly berry bouquet.”

If you’re interested in buying single flowers or bouquets, visit the Romeo Village Florist.

The Village Florist is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

303 S. Main St. Romeo MI

(586) 752-9000   (888) 767-3772

Chloe Lucci ‘19: The Town Hall Antique store, located on the corner of 32 Mile and Main Street, provides classic and unique gifts, from swords to classic board games.  

This store markets all kinds of gifts that will surely bring a smile to your loved ones faces. With the store close to home, and a friendly place to shop, you will not regret going here for your holiday shopping.

The Town Hall Antique stores presents all types of special items for all ages. They get their products from garage sales and auctions, proving that every item possesses distinctive qualities.

The Romeo community remains dear to the owners hearts. Growing up in Romeo themselves, they knew that there was no better place to open a shop other than home.

New customers come in looking for interesting and exciting presents or even just something special for themselves. Previous shoppers browse around the store to notice any new items to snag before someone else does.

If you are looking for an  amazing store to finish off your families Christmas list, The Town Hall Antique store is the way to go.  

Haley Golembiewski ‘20: Right in the heart of downtown Romeo, sits The Rustic Bluebird. The Rustic Bluebird: a casual bistro serving food from “farm to fork”.

Their menu consists of sandwiches, salads, soups, and bowls, as well as many other delicious options. The Bluebird also offers a special Christmas dinner on a special menu with prime rib, salad, sides, and more.

A family business, ran and co-managed by the Hussey family, who moved to Romeo a while back from Grosse Point and decided to open a family business in Romeo.

“We decided to open up a business in Romeo because we liked the small town feel and wanted a small community to open up a restaurant in,” said owner, Courtney Hussey.

Doing quite well for a fairly recently established restaurant, the Rustic Bluebird receives a steady flow of customers streaming in and out of the bistro year-round.

“My grandma and I go to The Rust Bluebird all of the time the food is so good,” said Lydia Jackman ‘21. “We always get either their salads or sandwiches, they’re amazing.”

Open Monday through Saturday, a great stop for anyone hungry looking for a great place to eat in Romeo with a warm, family friendly environment, make sure to make a stop at The Rustic Bluebird.

211 N Main St, Romeo, MI 48065

Katelynn Medley ‘20: Hatched: Newborn to Ninety is a local shop in downtown Romeo that opened in May of 2015 by two mothers, Kelli Donaldson and Jennifer DeMesa, with the motivation to share products with the world. They sell products such as: all natural organic health and beauty products, body butters, soaps, herbs, accessories, simple crafts, essential oils, natural baby products, home decor, and more.

Using only all natural and organic products, these ladies and business owners ensure the fact that you will receive the best of the best products, locally.

“We try to keep our products as local as possible: Macomb County, Oakland County, and all over Southeast Michigan,” Kelli Donaldson, business owner, said.

Hatched is simply a store for all. With plenty of products to choose from, students can find an ideal gift for their family and friends.

“We attract a wide variety of customers because of the range of products through our store,” Kelli Donaldson said. “Anyone of any age could find something here.”

Donaldson and DeMesa opened their shop in Romeo simply because of the circumstance of location. The Village of Romeo seemed fitting as these women found it the perfect meeting point and great sale location.

“My business partner and I decided to choose Romeo as our location because it was a good meeting point between both our homes and also because it’s a great town to shop in,” Kelli Donaldson said.

Hatched has so much to offer for such reasonable prices. Stop on in to discover the amazing gift you’ve been waiting for.

Hatched: Newborn to Ninety

Throughout the Village of Romeo, their are many shops and one of a kind stores to ensure the most perfect and unique gifts this holiday season, come check it out!

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