Katelynn Medley ‘20: The dreaded standardized test that determines one’s future has arrived, scheduled for after spring break vacation per usual. This scheduled date has created controversy throughout the students, specifically juniors.

Depending when spring break is scheduled, the SAT falls after break for most schools nationwide. Districts, such as Lapeer County, have an alternative spring break, which includes the last week of March, leaving them time to prepare for the upcoming test a week before. Romeo (along with many other districts), scheduled spring break the first week of April, with no transition or preparations after a week from out of school.

In a poll out of 100 students at Romeo High School, 76% of students said they prefer SAT exams before spring break, while only 24% said they prefer exams after break.

Michael Bouthillet, a junior at RHS, missed the SAT because his family’s spring break vacation and agrees with the 76% of the poll.

“Since my family had a scheduled vacation, I had to miss the SAT’s so now I have to retake them a different day,” Bouthillet ‘19 said. “I think they should make the test before spring break so families don’t run into the conflict I did.”

The other 24% of the student body, disagrees with Bouthillet’s reasoning.

Katie King ‘19 appreciates the fact that the SAT was after spring break, because she felt that there is more time to prepare and more opportunities to become successful.

“I liked the way the SAT was scheduled for after break,” King ‘19 said. “I didn’t go anywhere so I spend a little bit of time on Khan Academy doing practice problems to prepare a little bit. I feel like it’s useful time if you didn’t go anywhere.”

As the testing days continue, the question becomes more relevant among the student body. With their senior year ahead of them, and important  decisions to make, good luck to all juniors who have taken the test and ones who have yet to take it.

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