Katelynn Medley ‘18: With the semester winding down, students begin to feel the weight of the mid-term exams on their shoulders. Over Christmas break, while students celebrate the holidays with their families, they also begin to study for the tests that define their semester grades. Many Romeo High students complain about the stress over the holidays, while other students take advantage of the extra time to study. These complaints lead to a question that causes controversy throughout the students and teachers: should exams take place before or after Christmas break?

In a poll out of 50 students at Romeo High School, 64% of students said they prefer mid-term exams before Christmas break, while only 36% said they prefer exams after break.

Eric Meldrum, a junior at Romeo High, agrees with 64% of the poll.

“I think it would reduce stress over break so we can enjoy the holiday’s,” Meldrum said. “Also, I tend to forget material we have learned over break. I think having exams before break would be very beneficial for students.”

The other 36% of the student body disagrees with Meldrum’s reasoning.

“I like studying over break because it definitely prepares me better for the exams with having the extra study time,” Jordan Paver ‘19 said. “Also, I think having them after Christmas break eases the students and teachers into review and the exams.”

With the holiday’s coming closer by the day, and teachers trying to pack in last minute material, the question becomes more relevant.

With exams right around the corner, good luck to all of the Romeo High School students beginning to prepare.  

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