Toni Lewis ’14 and Samuel Mohawk ’14 – Entertainment

Mrs. Joseph: “When I was 17 I used to always go to the coffee house downtown and have a raspberry italian soda”

Mr. Warneck: “Well when I was 17 I was a senior in high school, I played football, baseball, ran track, and I was actually in the school play too. Me and my friends would drive around and just do teenage things.”

Ms. Borlinghaus: “When I was 17 I popped wheelies with my car and ran Chinese firedrills with friends, diving head first into her car.”

Ms. Nicolia: “When I was 17 my girlfriends and I were in a constant prank battle with the boys in our group of friends. We would do things back and forth like forking, tee-peeing houses, or wrapping cars in saran wrap. We were always trying to one up each other and find out each other’s weaknesses.”

Mr. Taubitz: “I was working as a bagger at Farmer Jack because I was afraid of taking on too much responsibility being a cashier. Also I was the President of part of the marching band. I was just mostly working at Farmer Jack and really involved in band.”

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