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With such an abundance of movies available, almost everyone is able to find one that is their favorite. Here’s what these students and staff said about their favorite movie.

Below Left: Olivia Collier (12): “Disney’s Brave because Marida’s really independent and strong and doesn’t want a prince.”

Olivia Collier (12)
Bella Neufang (9)

Above Right: Bella Neufang (9): “I like the Hunger Games because it’s awesome. There’s a kick butt chick character.”

Below Left: Tony Zahringer (Lunch Dad): “The Replacements; its just a movie that’s completely unrealistic and funny throughout it.”

Tony Zahringer (Lunch Dad)
Nicholas Stankiewicz (12)

Above Right: Nicholas Stankiewicz (12): “The Great Gatsby. I think it’s a great story.”

Alecia Niedzwiecki (12): “The Blindside because it’s based on a true story. [The family] opened up their home to him and took that risk.”

Alecia Niedzwiecki (12)

Graphic by Maddie Geffert

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