Abigail Price ‘20: Once again, the happiest, most magical time of year arrives. It seems as though every year Christmas creeps up on people, causing chaos in December. People need to complete holiday shopping, cooking and baking, preparing for company, etc. which takes a toll on the joy for the Christmas season. Luckily, many Christmas traditions allow for a break from the disarray, such as putting up and decorating their Christmas tree, the staple of the holiday. The importance of whether families put up a real or fake tree, surprisingly, creates a debate. 

Many people, like Shannyn McDonough ‘20, must get a real tree every year. 

“It’s a tradition in my family to go cut a tree down each year. My Christmas would not be the same if we didn’t do that,” McDonough said.

Like McDonough, most people cherish the memories created from going to the Christmas Tree Farm and cutting down a tree with their loved ones. Nobody likes to stray from tradition, so people who cut down real trees every year maintain a passionate stance on putting up a real tree. However, many retort with the argument that fake trees require less maintenance to radiate the same appeal.

“My family has always had a fake tree, so I love having it. It’s not messy and it’s easy to store and we’ve had the same tree my whole life,” Ava Hall ‘21 said. 

Many families turned over to a fake tree due to the news of them causing fires. But, not everyone was willing to give up something that made their Christmas special. 

With divorced parents, Madalin Vendetti ‘20, experiences Christmas at two different households, one with a real tree, and one with a fake. Vendetti learned to appreciate both of them because they both hold the Christmas spirit. 

“I love real trees because of the pine smell and cozy feeling they give, but I understand fake trees are easier and safer, and honestly it looks the same,” Vendetti said. 

Whether or not a family puts up a real or fake tree, the feeling of Christmas remains. For many people, it all comes down to tradition growing up. RNews wishes everyone a great break and Happy Holidays!

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