Cambell Geibel ‘21: Imagine stumbling upon a new found fortune and spending it on whatever you want. Imagine struggling with the endless possibilities of what to spend the jackpot on. This dream became a reality to a few lucky people this week.

The Mega Millions lottery and the Powerball lottery both collected massive jackpots. The Mega Millions lottery, drawn on Tuesday the 23rd, broke records, totaling a whopping 1.537 billion dollars. One jackpot winning ticket appeared in South Carolina, while several other tickets that won smaller sums showed up in other states. The Powerball lottery, originally worth 602 million and drawn on Wednesday the 24th, produced no winner. The next drawing set for Saturday the 27th, that jackpot now surges to 750 million dollars. This sparks a popular debate in Romeo’s hallways: the best way to spend the jackpot.

Some Romeo students, such as Ava Vendittelli ‘22 and Quade Craun ‘19, agree on their first choice when winning that much money, treating themselves to the finer things in life.

“I love clothes so I think I would probably spend a lot of money on that if I won the lottery,” Vendittelli said.

“I would hands down buy the 2020 Tesla Roadster because it is probably the fastest car made by man,” Craun said.

Other Romeo students, such as Cadence Potts ‘20 and Sam Lovell ‘21, put a little more thought into spending the fortunes, and agreed that saving and giving money makes more sense to them.

“I would probably save the money for myself to go to college,” Potts said. “I also want to start a family when I am older so I would most likely put away some money for my kids and my house.”

“After buying myself a couple of pet birds to add to my collection, I think I would work to give a lot of the money to charities,” Lovell said.

Many agree that thinking about the possibilities seems just as fun as actually winning. Until the students of Romeo become old enough to buy a ticket (the legal age set at 18), the discussion of winning continues as a fun way to fantasize about their dream future. The age old question of “What would you do if you won the lottery?” remains a hot topic at Romeo High School.


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