Claire Spitz ‘20: With new free time on our hands, our Bulldogs look for things to fill their time. Often a fan favorite, many students turn to extra Netflix time to fill their day. 

Producing more and more of their own series, along with uploading brand new movies and shows for audiences across the world to watch, Netflix provides great new options quite popular with many people, especially the students at Romeo. 

A Netflix Original series centered around a group of teenagers living many people’s “dream life”, Outer Banks follows a lively group of friends living in the small beach town “Outer Banks” on their journey to help John B find and uncover the truth of a century old mystery, while dealing with their own intoxicating drama. 

Senior Alexandra Lucaj found this show on Netflix’s “Top 10” list recently while trying to find a new show to watch while spending time at home. 

“After watching the first episode I was already hooked! The friend group reminds me a lot of my own and setting and never ending surprises kept me watching all the way through the whole season in just a few days,” Lucaj ‘20 said. 

Outer Banks provides one season, with 10 episodes all around 45 minutes long. Although many fans die to find out what happens next due to the fact there is only one season available, no need to fret yet! Predicted to release season two next year, Outer Banks plans to resume filming for its second season as soon as deemed safe to. 

Another series that many Bulldogs love, the series All American centers around another group of high-schoolers. Revolving around the main character, Spencer James, All American provides a truly consuming storyline. Full of football, conflicts, and some hard-hitting teenage realities, this show mirrors the true life story of NFL Superbowl Champion Spencer Paysinger. 

Recommended to watch the show by one of his friends, Mateo Guilianelli ‘20 enjoys getting to take a break and watch this show with his friends. 

All American isn’t like something I have watched before. It isn’t your typical teenage T.V. show that everyone is talking about. It really is as good as everyone says – I couldn’t stop watching,” Guilianelli said. 

A little longer than Outer Banks, All American boasts two seasons, with 16 episodes each, all close to 45 minutes long. This addicting show will have you flying through it in no time, and with its third season coming out this fall, it’s a perfect option for anyone. 

Being the two most popular choices among students, Outer Banks and All American, truly deserve all the rave, and leaves our Bulldogs wondering when Netflix will release its next greatest hit. Whether you choose relaxing, running to the tune of John B or Spencer James, or facetiming some friends and watching together, these shows remain a must see. 

Sarah Himmelsbaugh ‘21: No doubt, every household currently deals with the boredom of quarantine in their own way. However, many would agree that streaming services such as Netflix, and television in general, serve as a lifesaver during this not-so-interesting time. 

Romeo students’ favorite TV shows and movies range all the way from sappy dramas to action-packed thrillers. For Urouge Razzaq ‘21, Criminal Minds has been a necessity. 

“I like learning about the FBI behind the scenes, and even though I want to go into the medical field, it is just interesting to watch,” Razzaq said.

For Matthew Himmelsbaugh ‘23, The Last Dance remains a go-to. The series follows the Chicago Bulls basketball team throughout their late 70’s seasons. As a basketball enthusiast himself, Himmelsbaugh finds the miniseries entertaining and inspiring. 

Netflix programs even allow people to further understand the current pandemic situation. Movies including Outbreak and Contagion follow storylines easily connectable to real life at the moment. In Outbreak, an African monkey brought into the U.S. carries a deadly and contagious disease that spreads throughout the nation — similar to the spread of the current pandemic. A headline in The Vulture magazine even reads, “The 79 Best Pandemic Movies to Watch in Quarantine”. Yes, there’s that many. 

Sometimes when you cannot go out and live a typical life, the best and most entertaining alternative becomes watching others do so. 

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