Ceren Polat ’18: With the holiday season fast approaching, people start getting ready for Christmas by decorating houses, cookies and the tree. With limited time to spend outside due to weather conditions and lack of daylight, families make sure to spend every spare second celebrating together.

Skiing and Snowboarding

For snow lovers, northern Michigan is the place to be. You can go skiing or snowboarding, and take lessons if you’ve never tried. If you want a break from the cold, there are lodges where you can enjoy hot chocolate and snacks.

Ice Hockey Game

With winter sports on the rise, ice hockey games dominate sports networks. Heading to a local, or professional, ice hockey game is an easy way to get out and have fun with friends.

Watch Christmas Movies

An ideal way to get in the holiday spirit is to watch Christmas movies, either at home or in theaters. A Bad Moms Christmas, Home Alone (Movie marathon!) or Elf along with other timeless classics make for sitting on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and friends.

Rochester Lights

Head to Rochester to enjoy the annual decor. Every year, Rochester businesses cover the front of their shops in bright lights that stretch down the entire length of Main Street. Check out the lights from November 20 – January 7, 2018.

Decorate the House

One of the easiest, yet most festive things to do during the holiday season is to decorate your house with Christmas decorations. Ask family or friends for a hand when decorating around the house this year.

There’s so many things to do this winter with your family or with your friends. Stay at home, or head out. Keep it cheap, or treat yourself. Spend some alone time, or involve your friends and family. The possibilities are endless.



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