Mackenzie Easlick ‘17 -With fluctuating Michigan weather and spring just around the corner, an epidemic of sniffles and sneezes follows suit. Posters line the halls, reminding us to wash our hands, bundle up, and get enough rest to prevent those bothersome fevers and coughs. Even with the warnings, however, many RHS students find themselves croaking out those words, “I need to stay home today.” So, what can you do to keep yourself from being in that position, and if you are, what can you do to keep your classes in check?

To keep from getting sick:

  • Manage your time! Stress can decrease the effectiveness of your immune system, making you more likely to fall ill. If you get your homework done right after school or practice, you won’t end up stressing over it at 1:00am, helping you to get more sleep, and making you less likely to get sick.
  • Bundle up! Even just the walk from your car to the school doors can help increase your chances of getting sick. Donning a winter coat, and a hat or scarf could be a trendy (and toasty) fashion statement for anyone.
  • Keep your areas clean! If you bring a package of Clorox wipes, you can get any germs left behind off of your desk. Don’t be that person who is too scared of looking “lame” to keep yourself from contracting the common cold.

If you do get sick:

  • Don’t stress! A few missed days of school won’t kill you, and your health is the number one priority. Besides, as mentioned before, stress helps you get sick, not get better.
  • Find a group! Someone to help keep you updated on what happened in all of your classes will keep you from falling behind.
  • Email your teacher! Teachers, despite what you may think, want to help you as much as possible. So if you find yourself incapacitated, shoot them an email. Something as simple as, “Hi, I have the flu and can’t be at school today. Would you mind sending me the notes or homework we’re going to cover? Thank you so much,” works wonders. Your teacher will most likely be excited that you care enough to email, and will act accordingly.

While getting sick is easier than most would like, there are ways to prevent it. If you do get sick, there’s no reason to panic. As long as you focus on getting healthy and making sure you check up on your classes, catching up will be just as easy.

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