Amanda LeBlanc ‘21: Anticipation builds as students keep refreshing their Twitter feed, hoping that the superintendent, Todd Robinson, announces a snow day. As winter weather approaches, tired students wish for any day off; however, the superintendent holds standards for when to call for a snow day.

The rigorous process administrators go through tends to go unseen. Multiple meetings and phone calls that happen behind the scenes go unnoticed. The time of the snow day call also depends on how long the decision takes and the severity of the weather.

“It is actually a very intense process because we don’t want to cancel school unless we have to,” Robinson said. “We have a network to have conference calls with all Superintendents in Macomb County as necessary…We use weather forecasting, road conditions, reports for the County Roads Department and conversation with neighboring districts.”

Students prefer getting the phone call the night before compared to the morning of; however, they sometimes need to wait until the morning to fully confirm the unsafe weather for kids.

“If we can make the decision the night before we always try to so parents have time to make arrangements for their children if they must be at work,” Robinson said. “[We] usually try to notify by 10pm if we are making it the night before. If we are going to make it the morning of the day we are cancelling, we have to do that by 6am at the latest because busing would be leaving to start runs to pick up high school kids soon after that.”

A lot of times, people get overcome with the hope of a snow day that they forget what it really takes to cancel school. With Romeo consisting of a lot of backroads, the Superintendent confides in many people, including the transportation department, employees who live on backroads, and trustworthy websites to aid his decision. Superintendents of neighboring districts work together to determine whether or not to call a snow day.

“Sometimes it is only a couple of hours [to decide] when the weather is really bad or the windchill is going to be really cold,” Robinson said. “Most of the time it is a couple hours the night before and if it carries into the morning of usually another hour to hour and a half that morning. No set amount but I think a lot more effort goes into it than most people know.”

Students and parents underestimate the amount of work that Mr. Robinson and his team put in to announce a snow day. Next time you get “The Call” or refresh your Twitter feed to see the most exciting news, make sure you think about the work put in to get you that relaxing day off.

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