Seamans ‘24: A lot of students seem unaware of what this Christian group entails, or even that it exists. 

Although encouraged, Fellowship for Christ requires no knowledge of the Bible to show up. It acts as a safe place to come where to feel included and become closer with God.

Mackenzie McCloud ‘23 helps break down exactly what happens on Wednesday mornings: “You show up at 6:30 a.m. on Wednesdays and settle in and talk to each other, and there’s donuts so we eat those… It’s really nice to wake up and spread the word with your friends,” McCloud said.

A few other students helped break it down even more for new and interested students.

Marissa Knepper ‘24 shares why this group remains a great staple to include in our high school: “I think it’s good to have people around you who help you share your beliefs and share the gospel with people. [It’s nice] having a group that can support each other especially when there’s a lot of peer pressure and bad things going on around you,” Knepper said.

“We start off with prayer and after that a youth leader leads the group and preaches to us. It’s kind of interactive sometimes, we do group things [and it’s] open discussion. After that we end in prayer,” McCloud said. 

Fellowship for Christ welcomes any and all students willing to get together with people and talk about God. 

To ask any questions or show interest in this group, feel free to email Marissa Knepper at

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