Madison VonHiltmayer ‘18 & Kayla Kieleszewski ‘18: With prom season just around the corner, girls frantically search for stunning dresses, while guys rent a tuxedo to wear for the special night. However, the wardrobe decision can be quite complicated for some, but one event in particular seems to help high schoolers better prepare for prom. The Wesner’s Show takes place each year, showcasing seniors and their accomplishments, along with the latest and greatest tuxedos. The event took place on March 10-12, and 17-18. Multiple students were chosen from different districts across Macomb County to represent their school.

The following Romeo High School seniors were chosen to participate in the event this March: Evan Ballinger, Barret Brunkey, Davion Cameron, Karli Dawson, Brendan Desmet, Mitchell French, Gavin Ganfield, Courtney Henderson, Trinity Horne, Nolan Kare, Julia Knepper, Brett Lanski, Ryan Medley, Kade Messner, Sarah Ozella, Zachary Palmer, Courtney Pichette, Ava Romine, Tia Santi, and Louis Thom.

Students are chosen based on leadership skills within their community, along with their personal achievements throughout high school. They are nominated from the previous contestants, and must be approved by the school board.

“A previous senior from last year nominated me,” Courtney Pichette ‘17 said. “I don’t exactly know who nominated me, which is the cool part about Wesner.”

The seniors were paired up with a “date” for the evening. The contestants were partnered  together based on similarities, personalities, and extra curricular activities.

“I was partnered with TJ Grau from Parkway Christian High School,” Pichette said. “My partner and I had a lot in common. We were both involved in theater, NHS, and we were both class presidents.”

Wardrobe-wise, girls had the ability to chose the dresses they would wear, while guys were given tuxedos to match their partner’s dress.

I participated twice, first wearing a maroon tuxedo and suspenders, and second wearing a black jacket with a black and white vest,” Nolan Kare ‘17 said. “The Wesner’s workers match what I wear with my date’s dress, who they pair me up with prior to the show.”

While showcasing their glamorous looks, the contestants were required to “perform” for the audience.

“On stage there were two types of walks, fast and slow,” Trinity Horne ‘17 said. “The fast walk was more fun and creative. You did a small handshake, dance or something to make the crowd engaged. During the slow walk, Mr. Wesner announced all your achievements throughout high school. For both of the walks you went out with your date.”

The Wesner Show was quite the hit. The contestants were able to enjoy themselves throughout the entire process, and the audience appreciated the entertainment for the night.

I had a really great time, everyone was very friendly,” Brendan Desmet ‘17 said.

Not only did the event bring attention to the tuxedo shop, but recognized seniors for their hard work throughout their high school years. The seniors were also able to create friendships with students from other schools that they did not know prior to the show.

“The purpose of the show is to model the Wesner’s tuxedos and raise awareness of the business, as well as learning to get along with people you don’t know, much like college,” Kare said.

Founded in 1999, the Wesner Show has never been one to disappoint. The upcoming seniors are looking forward to next year’s show, and are anxious to see who the future contestants will be.

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