Michaela Scarsella ’14 Student Life Editor

Since 1999, Wesner Tuxedo has held an annual show for seniors, The Wesner Tuxedo Show, which showcases seniors in Macomb County. This year, the show will be held at Henry Ford II High School on March 14-16 and March 21-23. Karly Rapp (12) is among the seniors from RHS that have been selected to participate.

“I felt honored and accomplished to be chosen for the show,” Rapp said.

Seniors that are chosen for the show are referred by teachers and former students and then contacted by Wesner Tuxedo. These students are all actively involved in their communities through various sports, clubs, and activities. Mr. Wesner, the owner of Wesner Tuxedos, started the show to recognize the leaders in each years graduating class, and to provide students with an opportunity to interact with new people from schools throughout the community.

Claire Fraeyman (12), also participating in the show, expressed her excitement to participate on Romeo’s behalf.

“I was excited and honored that I was thought of in that way. I’m excited to represent Romeo,” Fraeyman said.

For more information, please visit: http://www.wesnertuxedo.com/wesner-show.html

Below is a list of RHS’ seniors who have been chosen to participate and the date they will be featured in the show:

Khadeejah Ahmed (3/14)
Thomas Anderson (3/14)
Alexandra Bellas (3/22)
Jodie Bosheers (3/22)
Emily Bradley (3/23)
Ariana Compo (3/23)
Madison Engstrom (3/21)
Claire Fraeyman (3/16)
Mitchell Hess (3/23)
Kimiko Hinatsu (3/15)
Samantha Kelsey (3/14)
Hannah Lesniak (3/15)
Ryan Naughton (3/23)
Abigael O’Connor (3/16)
Jake Peyerk (3/23)
Kyle Phalen (3/22)
Karly Rapp (3/22)
Zachary Rizo (3/21)
Diego Rodriguez (3/23)
Charles Roth (3/15)
Jason Sammut (3/15)
Jordan Theut (3/22)
Ryan Warren (3/23)

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