Abigail Price ‘20: The opening of the new method of learning at Romeo High School sparks interest amongst the community. Instead of a typical six class schedule, students now experience an eight hour block schedules altering four a day. The increase in classes per student resulted in the hiring of many new personalities to get to know in Romeo, such as Julia Lengemann. 

Mrs. Lengemann, a new teacher for the BEI academy, begins adjusting to Romeo after coming from Oxford High School. She went from teaching Computer Programming, Financial Management, Accounting, and Web Design to teaching solely business oriented classes, which excites her. 

“I”m adjusting very well. The kids at Romeo are good kids and I love the staff,” Lengemann said. “They are always looking for a way to help, they can’t seem to help enough!” 

Learning a new school’s procedures challenges everyone, whether student or faculty, especially while they all adjust to a new program. With little to no experience, block schedules challenge students and teachers in a way like never before.

“I’m loving the block schedule. It’s challenging when you miss a day, but overall it gives us more time to learn, do, and review in class then we would ever be able to achieve in 55 minutes,” Lengemann said. 

When taking a break from teaching, Mrs. Lengemann enjoys spending time with her three athletic daughters, watching them participate in their favorite sports. Additionally, she loves taking her dog, Sully, for a stroll around the block, riding her bike around to explore, travelling the world, and playing in the pool in the summertime. 

The students, staff, and community of Romeo welcome Julia Lengemann with open arms and look forward to the years ahead!

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