Kayla Kieleszewski ‘18 & Megan Bieganski ‘18- Although the weather was not cooperating,  Watchdog proved to be very successful once again. The Romeo Community collected nearly $29,000 for cancer research. Thanks to the passionate fans and citizens within Romeo, the football game made great profit considering the forecast. The fans were true supporters during the gloomy, Friday night football game.

All the players, cheerleaders, and dance team performed to their best capability in the muggy weather and the muddy field, but in the end it resulted in a victory for the whole Romeo community.

“Although it was cold it was really fun!” varsity cheerleader, Paige Kopczyk ‘18 said. “I’m happy people were still there to support the boys and keep the game interesting even though the weather wasn’t the greatest.”

Despite the storm, the cheerleaders pulled out their ponchos and held a spirited smile on their face, creating an even greater atmosphere for such a touching event.

The game seemed to be amusing to some fans, watching the players slide around and splash up muddy water.

“My favorite part of the game was when Romeo pushed one of Grosse Pointe South’s players out of bounds and he slid and made a huge splash in a puddle,” Leanna Harris ‘18 said.

The athletes sported white jerseys and by the end, they seemed permanently stained brown.

As amusing as it was to watch the Bulldogs play the Blue Devils in the rain and mud, the end result was a bigger deal. This single game has been looked at as just more than a game, it was about the entire community coming together, standing and cheering through the unbearable weather, and fighting one cause, cancer.

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