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Monday September 30th through Friday October 4th the Romeo Community is once again participating in their annual Watchdog week supporting the fight against cancer. Romeo athletic teams are dedicating all proceeds of this week’s games to support the cancer research. Selling shirts and tickets, along with fundraising all contribute to the tens of thousands of dollars Romeo will donate to charitable cancer foundations. This year Romeo will provide numerous foundations with a portion of the funds raised.  The Watchdog shirt will represent not only the familiar pink for breast cancer but will include other cancers and their representative colors.

“It’s a very special feeling that you can actually do something and feel something for the betterment of  knowing the people we know, but the whole world in general, that is what it [Watchdog Week] really is about.” Greg Bryneart, Athletic director said, when asked how he felt about Watchdog week.

Romeo’s Watchdog week continues to be an annual highlight. The supportive student body, staff, and community are the reasons the outcome of this charitable event is always inspirational and positive.

Watch Dog Week Activities

Wednesday October 2: 4:00 PM Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Grosse Pointe North High School

Thursday October 3: 6:30 PM Girls Varsity Volleyball vs. Chippewa Valley High School

Friday October 4: 7:00 PM Boys Varsity Football vs. Port Huron High School

Watchdog shirts are available for $15 in the Romeo High School Athletic office.  Shirts count as admission to all games during Watchdog week.



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