Alexandra Giordano ‘16- Each year, Romeo High School dedicates an entire week honoring those who battled/currently battle cancer. During this week, a majority of the fall sports teams devote a single game to those loved ones who fought this disease. The players raise money to purchase a jersey that they will wear. Varsity volleyball player Breanna Olley ‘16 shares who she’s playing for during the upcoming home game.

“I’m playing for my Aunt Shelley,” Olley said, “she died of uterine cancer.”

Losing a loved one is a tough experience for any person to go through. Players who lost  someone dear to them are honored to take the opportunity to play in remembrance of that person. Because Olley was so close with her aunt, it makes this game so much more important.

“When I used to play I would write the day she died on my wrist,” Olley said, “but now I have a tattoo of the day she died on my back.”

Olley’s tattoo is a represents the importance of the relationship with her aunt. Dedicating not just one, but every game shows what true love, and family, looks like.

As the volleyball team comes together this Thursday night, each player wears a new jersey with a name on their back. Not only do they share this sport together, but they each share the experience of losing someone they care about.  Although heartbreaking, it’s beautiful to see a team join hands, ready to fight on the court, the same way loved ones fought this horrible disease.


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