Austin Taseski ‘21: Students drive to and from school everyday. The chance of an accident rises as certain distractions arise in driving. The importance of drivers safety to family and friends and risk of accidents heightens as time progresses.

According to the Michigan State police, In Macomb County reported accidents reached a peak at 25,385.

“I have been in an accident before,” Macy Timoszyk ‘19 said. “My advice is to just pay attention, especially in the parking lot because kids aren’t always looking.”

With the year ending and spring break around the corner, precautions must be taken.

Putting your phone away or in a safe spot eliminates many distractions.

“Learning the roads and where different places are was the hardest but it sometimes is still hard,” Haley Prokuda ‘21 said.

Distractions like phones, loud music, and other friends present many dangers while driving.

Make sure to stay focused and alert while driving to minimize accidents on the road or to increase safety.


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