Nick Blankenburg ‘16

With summer right around the corner, the rules for the dress code are already being enforced throughout the hallways and in classrooms. Sunny, clear skies, and high temperature weather calls for mini skirts and tank tops to most students. But that is a direct violation of the student handbook.

“I think parts of the dress code that the school enforces are unfair and insulting because I don’t think that the school should be worrying about the clothing the students wear, it should be more concerned about students’ grades, safety, and experiences as a high school student,” Leah Simpson ‘15 said.

Around this time of year, certain daring students push the dress code to it’s limits.

“Rules are emplaced to keep people from going to the extreme,” teacher Mr. Boggio stated.

Dealing with hot weather can be difficult at times, but it is important to act appropriately and dress responsibility.

Here is a link to the Student Handbook. The dress code is on pages 23-25.

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