Brooke Hochstein ‘17: Students in the Video Production and Art programs at Romeo High School had the opportunity to broaden their horizons on a trip to Chicago this past week. The trip was open to all grades, and in total 50 students went on the trip, along with teacher chaperones, Mrs. Harbison, Mrs. Joe, and Mr. Page. A few of the activities included The Blue Man Group, Shed’s Aquarium, and The Art Institution of Chicago. A few Romeo students shared their memorable experiences.

“My favorite part of the trip was exploring the different sights of Chicago, seeing the museums, and the aquarium was really cool,” Karli Dawson ‘17 said.

A highlight for many of the Video Production students was visiting Cutters Studio. Cutters Studio is a video advertising firm that produces commercials and short films.

“I learned that it takes more than just editing the video; there’s sound, design, and coloring too. There’s a lot of detail that goes into making just one commercial,” Annalisa Lascoe ‘17 said.

The art students enjoyed more of the museums they visited. The students learned new ideas and techniques they can bring back to the classroom.

“I learned that different people have different ideas and they use those ideas within their art,” Lizette Leboulch ‘17 said.

The students saw some of their favorite artists and favorite paintings up close for the first time.

“My favorite part of the trip was definitely when I saw the original Van Gogh, Monet, and Seurat paintings at the museum,” Steven Prokuda ‘17 said.

The trip was an amazing learning experience for all students, but it wasn’t all informational. The students enjoyed some free time in order to explore the big city.

“I really liked going to the aquarium and shopping on the Miracle Mile (a part of Michigan Avenue that is known for its upscale shopping),” Courtney Saunders ‘19 said.

The trip to Chicago was a one of a kind experience for all students who attended to learn more about art, film, and culture.


Photo by: Huffington Post

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