Alyssa Curtis ‘16 – Vincent Lantzy, a sophomore here at Romeo High School, was growing tired of name brand clothing. He decided to follow his dreams, and make the ambitions decision to start making his own clothing line. Having style is a top priority in Lantzy’s life, and with his creativity and determined mind, he was able to start a line titled “Triste Designs”.

“My clothing line has made a huge impact on my life,” Lantzy said. “The word ‘triste’ is a French word for ‘sad’ and that is how I got the name for my line, I want to turn sadness into happiness and turn negative into positive and to do so i show that through my clothes.”

With the help of a friend, he came up with this brilliant idea just last year and has been collaborating on it ever since. Lantzy began sketching ideas he has always had in mind in his notebook, then he went out, got the fabric, and began working right away.

“When I get an idea, I draw it out then I get the fabric that I need to make it, and then I will sit at home and make the clothing all day,” Lantzy said.

Starting a clothing line comes with a ton of responsibility and hard work, but Lantzy has been able to produce and sell his creations to people all over social media and all over the world. He is planning to release his next collection early this spring. He has released one collection so far and is determined to have more to come.

“Working with a friend has been a big help because we both have such creative ideas and when we put what we have in mind together we produce great things and we get a lot of business,” Lantzy said.

A young mind can be so creative, and Lantzy is following his dreams. They have led him to great success already, with hopefully more to come.

Check out his online designs at


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