Spencer Havern ‘15 – In 2010, the local television station WBRW came to Romeo High School with an idea to make a video production club. Now, the Video Production Club (VPC) asks participants to make videos under their own criteria. Stephanie Harbison, a Romeo teacher, decided to join the club.

“Originally I was a member of the club,” Harbison said. “I just wanted to learn to edit videos for my personal sake.”

Since she is a teacher in the building, she became the sponsor for the club. A year after VPC began, Paul D’Angelo, the WBRW sponsor who contributed the technology for the club to use, suggested that since Mrs. Harbison was already a teacher, she possessed the authority to write a proposal to make Video Production a class. The next year Video Production was put on the schedule for students to enroll in.

“At first I was really nervous because I had no experience, so I had to learn to teach the class and teach the students,” Harbison said.

In Video Production the participants receive many opportunities to go to workshops. At these workshops the students learn how to frame subjects properly, make interesting and eye catching shots, along with other useful camera techniques. Heather Plotkowski ‘15 was one of the original members, along with Mrs. Harbison.

“The club started my freshman year and I knew friends that were in it who persuaded me into joining,” Plotkowski said. “I really enjoyed how they actually edited movies.”

WBRW donated software which professionals use to make movies, along with a Tricaster system,  nine handheld camcorders, and nine mac computers. The agreement WBRW had established was that the students need to be creating and editing videos. Video Production has rapidly grown to four classes and now has a weekly video being produced.


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