Breanna Olley ‘16 – They started the season not even ranked.

They ended the season ranked number one in the state.

The Romeo varsity volleyball team won the MHSAA Division 1 state championship on November 22, 2014. Defeating the number one ranked team in the state, Bedford in the semi-finals November 21, they advanced to the championship game against Novi. The girls had lost to Novi twice in tournament play and were expected to fall short the third time around.

“Going into that game, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that we wouldn’t win,” senior Lauren Korth ‘15 said. “We worked so hard for this moment and we weren’t going to let it slip away.”

Beating Novi in a back-and-forth 5 game series, the girls accomplished the unthinkable, and made history in Romeo.

Yesterday, March 24th, the girls received their state championship rings.

On the front of the girls’ rings, a silver ‘R’ basks in a pool of ruby. A ring of diamonds surrounds the ‘R’, and ‘STATE CHAMPIONS’ surrounds the diamonds. On the left side, the ring have their last names, with a volleyball and their jersey number underneath. On the right side of the ring, ‘ROMEO 2014’ with a bulldog is featured. Inside the ring the girls had the option if they wanted to get something engraved or not.

“I got ‘Blessed’ engraved in my ring,” Gia Milana ‘16 said. “God has blessed me with all I’ve been given.”

The 2014 varsity volleyball earned the first volleyball state championship in school history.

“Winning a state championship is honestly a dream come true,” Breanna Olley ‘16 said. “Seeing all your hard work and efforts pay off is the greatest thing ever. I am so proud to wear Romeo across my chest, and a ring on my finger.”

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