Alayna Demetrakeas ‘16 – February 14th can bring a great deal of stress for any guy that’s in a relationship, or trying to pursue one. We’re all familiar with the tendency Valentine’s Day has to be over-dramatized on social media and in romantic movies. Does this ‘hallmark holiday’ give the ladies expectations that are far too high? All of the hype that radiates from the holiday creates false hope for women everywhere; it’s time to float back down to reality and lower our expectations of teenage boys.

The expectations are only getting crazier, and it doesn’t help that we’ve completely latched onto the plot of every romantic show on Netflix.

“I expect flowers on my doorstep when I wake up,” Ava Romine 17’ said.

It’s become custom to expect that your special someone has been planning a romantic day for months, when in reality this is only high school and your guy probably forgot that Valentine’s Day was in February to begin with.

“Valentines Day isn’t fair because girls never do special things for guys, but they expect the guy to go above and beyond for them,” Maria Vultaggio 18’ said.

The Walgreens card you asked your mom to write something poetic in should be what’s expected from you, not five star dinners and six foot teddy bears. It seems like a romantic confession in front of the whole school is practically a necessity to get a reaction from your girl. Girls expect their guys to have the whole night planned out for them, when in reality they’re winging it as the night goes on.

“One time I spent $125 on a 7 foot teddy bear to make my girl happy,” Lourde Atty 16’ said.

Let’s be real, you don’t have to do something crazy to get your favorite girls’ attention. A simple gesture will end up going a long way. You can take her to a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant, just don’t forget to make a reservation before you show up.

“Ladies, you know I love you, but I’m honestly a little uncomfortable with you asking me to see Fifty Shades of Grey, and I think I’m speaking for all guys when I say this,” James Schradle 15’ said.

Go the extra mile for meaningful bonus points; if you’re good at cooking, make her a nice dinner and eat at a candlelit table. There’s no reason to shoot through the roof with plans and drop tons of cash. After all, us ladies are the most sentimental breed and will get googly eyes over a grocery store bouquet and candy.

The huge romantic storybook fiasco that’s in all the movies isn’t necessary to create a memorable night. A small gesture can take you a long way in a girl’s eyes. So guys, good luck this year at treating your girl to a night they’ll be proud to post all over social media.

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