Marina Belloli ‘19: As valentine’s day starts to approach, love overtakes the air. Couples begin to stir up plans for this special day. A day filled with love and affection, Valentine’s Day beholds as one of the most romantic holidays of the year. From chocolates to flowers, loved ones give and receive presents from each other.

“I am buying Blake Piston tickets,” Adriana Orlando ’21 said. “We have been dating for eight months so this is our first valentines together”.

Although most couples spend this holiday together some plan something special before. Dating for two years, Juniors Maxim Jarmoluk ‘20 and Tory Petit ‘20 plan to spend their Valentine’s Day before the 14.

“Tory is gonna be in Florida on Valentine’s Day  so we are going to hang out before she leaves and go out to dinner,” Jarmoluk ‘20 said.

Despite Petit’s absence for the holiday, the couple still finds moments to spend time together.

“I am making her chocolate covered strawberries and her favorite cookies,” Jarmoluk said.

Loved ones all around the world make sure to spend February 14 together and make it one of the most romantic days of the year.

“I am going to a nice restaurant with my girlfriend Emma Hawley ‘19 and we are going to make chocolate covered strawberries,” Kyle Knepper ‘19 said.

As love fills the air, many endure excitement for what their Valentine’s Day holds. From making your significant others favorite food to going out to dinner and buying roses, couple spend the special day in an unlimited amount of ways.

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