Mackenzie Easlick ‘17- Class scheduling is sweeping the school, causing students to stress over which classes to take next year. Despite teachers’ efforts to raise awareness for their prospective programs, many classes fly beneath the radar, unknown to students. Upon asking random students of all grades, here are some of the classes that seem to be unknown.*

  • Business Management Technology RETC (grades 9-12)- Seen as a must for business students, this class teaches you how to go about all business-related operations. There are no prerequisites, which means you can take it no matter what classes you have taken before.
  • Entrepreneurship/School Store Management RETC (grades 11-12)- For students who want to go into business, this is the class where you get to help manage a school store, as well as learn how to manage your own business. One year of Marketing Education is required before taking this class.
  • Web Design RETC (grades 9-12)- This class teaches you how to use HTML and CSS coding to create websites and webpages, and design them to be the way you desire. No prerequisites required.
  • Alternative Energy RETC (grades 9-12)- This class teaches you about renewable energy and the technologies used, as well as what careers are available in that field. Hands-on learning techniques are utilized in this class without prerequisites.
  • Automotive Technology RHS (grades 9-12)- Switching between a classroom and a lab, this class teaches students from both the perspective of a consumer in the auto-related world and people in careers involving car technologies. This basic rundown of skills necessary for automotive careers requires no prerequisites.
  • Construction Trades Technology I RETC (grades 9-12)- An introduction to the construction world, this class teaches interested students how to use power tools and do simple masonry, as well as learning how to do general maintenance on the home you live in. This class has no prerequisites.
  • Construction Technology I and II RETC (grades 10-12)- While it may be confusing that taking the “trades” out of the name creates a new class, this class is different than the aforementioned one. It’s a two-hour block that goes over more in-depth versions of masonry, as well as actually building a two-story house in the lab. While it has no prerequisites, taking Construction Trades Technology first is suggested.
  • Hospitality and Food Services RETC (grades 9-12)- The Culinary Arts program is centered around teaching students how to handle going into the food service, teaching things such as how to correctly use certain technologies. This class has no prerequisites.
  • Drafting and Engineering RETC (grades 9-12)- This class teaches students who enjoy drawing how to use an internet program and hand drawings to create designs to make many technical things. This class has no prerequisites.
  • Architectural Design RETC (grades 9-12)- This class shows how to create your dream buildings through the use of a computer program. It helps educate students on interior design, and how to draft by hand. It also helps students search for careers in this field. While there are no prerequisites, Drafting and Engineering is suggested to take first.
  • Mechanical and Engineering Design RETC (grades 10-12)- Taking place in the RETC, this class teaches students interested in the mechanical design field to create drafts and products for vehicle design. Without a prerequisite, this class still is suggested after first taking Drafting and Engineering.
  • Robotics/Mechatronics RETC (grades 10-12)- Teaches students electronic circuit operation and design. Students will learn how to build their own circuits to help out with a career in engineering or something related to that. This class has no prerequisites.
  • Machine Tool Technology Applications RETC (grades 9-12)- An introduction to machine tool technology, this class teaches the basic essentials to working some of the tools and safety measures needed. No prerequisites.
  • Jazz Band (grades 10-12)- Students who play the saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass, guitar, piano, drums, or any other wind instruments and have for four or more years can try out to join the jazz band, participating in concerts throughout the year.
  • Debate (grades 10-12)- In one semester, this class teaches interested students how to persuade through multiple different ways of communication. Students must either take speech first or get instructor’s approval to take this class.
  • Forensics (grades 9-12)- This class, throughout the course of one semester, helps refine public speaking skills, as well as acting. It has no prerequisites, and can be taken more than one time.
  • Botany and Zoology (grades 11-12)- Studying plants and animals, this class is suggested for those who are passionate about science. Before taking this class, you must first pass Biology with a “C” or above.
  • Earth, Sea and Sky (grades 10-12)- For students with a strong interest in earth sciences, this class focuses on the relationships between geographical processes and how they affect our society. There are no prerequisites.
  • 3-D Design (grades 9-12)- Using sculptural processes, students learn how to use three dimensional materials to design different art forms. Don’t worry, folks, this class does not have any prerequisites.



*More information can be found in the RHS curriculum guide, at

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