Toni Lewis ’14 – News

This year, a few members of Romeo’s faculty created the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA), also known as the Unity Club, to raise awareness regarding fairness and equality. Paul Fugate, a teacher at Romeo as well as a leader of the Unity Club, has numerous goals for the group.

“We are working to make people in our community more informed about issues involving inequalities; whether it stems from racism, gender, sexual orientation, etc.,” Fugate said.

Students who are interested in GSA and the ideas can become involved in various ways. Recently, members have been finding news articles that relate to their purpose and interests, and sharing them with the rest of the group. During meetings students are also welcome to share any personal thoughts or ideas with others who may be able to relate and support.

“I think we are all learning from each other right now, each person can teach us something new,” Fugate said.

As they prepare for their first open meeting, members want their peers to know that they strive to create an environment where everyone can feel safe and comfortable. The Unity Club encourages students to stay after school for their first official meeting on March 5th in Mrs. Borlinghaus’ room (303).

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