Breanna Olley ‘16 Kade Messner ‘17 – Twins at Romeo High School, Bradley Sorenson ‘15 and Breanna Sorenson ‘15 both compete on the basketball court. Being the first brother-sister duo to portray excellence on the court, Brad and Bree share many of the same basketball talents. Both of them having a high basketball I.Q. and a deadly three point shot.

Starting at a young age, Brad always went out in the driveway to shoot with his father, rain or shine.

“I always wanted to get my shooting in,” Brad said. “I used to ask my dad to go outside and shoot with me. He taught me everything technique wise.”

Wanting to be just like her brother, Bree picked up the game soon after.

“When your brother is outside playing, you want to go play, too,” Bree said.

The saying, “hard work pays off,” is very true for these two twins.

Leading the varsity boys basketball team in scoring, Brad averaged 18 points per game in his third year on the varsity team. He is an automatic three point shooter, scoring double digit points in every game but one this season. On February 5th 2015, Brad dropped a season high of 33 points against Port Huron High School.

Bree is no slouch herself. She shot 40 percent from the three point line this season, and was in double digits five times. She quickly earned a reputation as a feared shooter throughout the MAC.

Growing up, the twins were very different. Bree being outgoing, and frisky with her style, while Brad was shy, and more laid back with everything he did.

“When we were little, I used to talk for him all the time,” Bree recalls. “If he wanted something, he would tell me, then I would tell my mom. We had our own language.”

The twins were born 15 minutes apart, Bree being born first. Brad was born much later due to the position of his arm in the womb. He was an emergency C-section baby.

“They said if I was born naturally, I could have been paralyzed,” Brad explained.

Instead, Brad became a two sport varsity athlete at Romeo High School.

As their high school careers came to an end, the twins are looking forward to the future. Brad has hopes to play somewhere in college, even if it means as a walk-on. Bree plans to attend Michigan State University in the fall to continue her studies.

No matter where their future takes them or how far apart they end up, the twins will always be close.

“He’s been my best friend since as long as I can remember,” Bree said.

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