Bailey ‘22: As the new school year begins, staff at Romeo high school face a new challenge: the boys bathroom. Hit the hardest by these uncalled for events: the staff. Cleaning up the mess in the boys bathroom left some surprised at what they found.

Staff member and former custodian Ken Sarver personally experienced some of these unpleasant events.“It bothers me since I used to be a custodian and I know what is coming for them. I feel bad for the custodians as I know what they are going to have to go through. You should think of others,” Sarver said.   

The minor vandalism in the boys bathroom in the BEI hallway left some students troubled. And because of this, some students chose to create a solution, following the school’s motto “Be Romeo.” 

Principal Bernie Osebold took action to put a stop to the vandalism. “After a second incident we learned this was a part of a TikTok trend and was likely being done by the same students. Fortunately, other RHS students didn’t like this happening in their school and the identity of possible culprits was shared. After an investigation, we discovered who was doing this and put a stop to it. Since then, there have not been any issues,” Osebold said. 

In light of these unfortunate events, many staff and students noticed a big change in the appearance of the boys bathroom. Happy to see a difference, the school continues to look better and better everyday from the continuous help from the custodians and staff.

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