Brohl ‘22: For years, Romeo High School participants in a charity every November called “Toys for Tots” which donates brand new toys to families with children unable to afford Christmas presents. Because every child deserves a magical Christmas. At Romeo High School, Mrs. Adamo and Mr. Hinkle run’s this charity, not only that but also spreads awareness about the charity’s importance. They also make sure the school gets donations in!

Question 1: What is ‘Toys for Tots’?

Mr.Hinkle: “Toys for Tots is a program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve which distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas.”

Question 2: When did Romeo High School start promoting this specific charity?

Mrs. Adamo: “We have done it several years in the past on and off. This year’s charity started on November 1st.”

Question 3: Why is it important to donate to Toys for Tots? Why is this important to you that people donate?

Mrs. Adamo: “There are many kids we probably do not know who are in need and might not have the Christmas we have. For the same reasons, it is important to me because a lot of people are very fortunate and don’t necessarily have awareness of the neediness that exists in our community; all little kids deserve to have a great Christmas.”

Question 4: What happens to all of the toy donations after people place them into the donation box?

Mr. Hinkle: “We will gather up all of the toy donations from Romeo High School and then give them to Tarr and Associates of Romeo who is spearheading the Romeo effort.”

Question 5: What does it mean to you that you are one of the people in charge of promoting this charity?

Mrs. Adamo: “I am one of the people in charge of Student Council and I love Student Council. It’s a great way for kids to get involved in school. It means a lot to me because I care about kids and I want kids to be happy.”

Mr. Hinkle: “It breaks my heart to think that some kids wake up on Christmas with nothing. I think giving a kid a toy is great but what we really give is hope.”

These two kind individuals shine with passion about Toys for Tots. They continuously advocate about the importance of participating in this amazing charity. Toys for Tots makes for a great way to give back to the community, help the less fortunate, and spread kindness!

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