Mackenzie Easlick ‘17, Alexandria Malcom ’17-


  1. Just Do It by Madison Telly

Telly puts a fun twist on the Nike logo by inspiring seniors to ¨Just Do It¨ and finish senior year.


  1. Swirl Maze by Skylar Baysa and Erica Labaere

Adding a fun splash of color, Baysa and Labaere put a creative splash of color across the RETC parking lot.


  1. Aloha Seniors by Emilee Wichtner

With the end of the school year in mind, Wichtner painted a beach sunset. In Hawaiian, ¨Aloha¨ means both hello and goodbye, so in a way it is saying hello to a new school year and goodbye to the senior class.


  1. Pink Floyd by Alexandra Morris

Darkening the parking lot, Morris’ parking space dons an eye-catching Pink Floyd album cover.


  1. The Great Gatsby by Cole Rapp

Jazzing up the parking lot with an inventive space, Rapp painted a Great Gatsby-inspired square, reminding the class of 2016 of their sophomore year and inspiring a sense of nostalgia for past classes.


  1. The Best is Yet to Come by Taylor Mueller

With a cute font, Mueller reminds her fellow seniors that things are only going to get better once graduation comes to pass, and to hold on to hopes for the future.


  1. Adventure is Out There by Bianca Sterling

This UP themed parking spot is hopeful for the future and what comes after the high school experience.


  1. Abstract Art by Lauren Weber

Funky blocks surrounding a giant “L” show everybody that the parking spot is Weber’s, and don’t you forget it.


  1. When Life Gives You Limes by Rebecca Pioch

Preaching a positive message, Pioch reminds her classmates that no matter what may happen in their futures, they will make it.


  1. Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness by Mitchell Udocon
Parking spot

Making even the darkest days bright, Udocon paints a starry night picture.


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