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As senior year for the Class of 2015 comes to an end, we look back on the unforgettable things we’ve experienced and the incredible times still to come. 30 seniors were polled on ten events, both past and future, they found most engaging, memorable, and important in their last year. These events are ranked below based on their responses.


These are the ten moments most important to the Class of 2015.


  1. Senior Skip Day

Senior Skip Day is a senior year staple, the day everyone takes for themselves to be young and carefree. While something nearly everyone enjoys, it loses priority to the many other amazing events 12th grade features. In addition, senior year is often known for being a “break” from school, as is.


“Every day is a senior skip day,” Dana Lewis ‘15 said.


  1. Homecoming

Featuring both a school dance and the seniors’ last home football game, the final Homecoming was a retrospective, heartwarming week for the class of 2015.


“The Homecoming game was very memorable and emotional,” Leah Simpson ‘15 said. “It’s upsetting because it was the last time going to Barnabo, watching the friends I grew up with play on our field. We beat Ike though, so it was happy.”


  1. Powderpuff Game

The Romeo Powderpuff football game is a highly anticipated event every year, made even more important for the senior girls because of their last year competing. The seniors usually come out on top; this year’s game was no different, with several spectacular plays putting the seniors ahead.


“I had such a fun time playing with my senior class,” Hannah Holliday ‘15, who scored several touchdowns in the game, said. “The juniors were good competition, so the game was interesting for everyone!”


  1. Charity Week

This year’s Charity Week was an emotionally charged, bittersweet end to years of goodwill and selflessness. This year’s benefactor iwas Piquette Square, a shelter for homeless veterans. With many seniors belonging to military families or backgrounds, the charity hit close to home; Romeo students raised a total of over $18,000 for Piquette Square.


“There is no better feeling than participating in Charity Week, and knowing you’re making a difference in the community,” Danielle Szajna ‘15 said. Szajna, the senior Class President, presented the check to Piquette Square during the Charity Week assembly.


  1. Yearbook Release Day

“It’s fun to look back at all the great memories,” Emily Gilbert ‘15 said. “It’s nice to see the class’s hard work pay off.”


Culminating months of hard work by editors and writers, Yearbook Release Day is both a day of excitement for seniors and a day of pride for those who worked on it. The senior yearbook is one many will keep close their entire lives, and receiving it is a very important moment for many.


“Yearbook Release Day is by far my favorite day of the year,” Carissa Hansen ‘15 said. “It’s very exciting to see a project that my fellow editors and I have worked on from last summer. I’ve had the time of my life in the class, and I really hope the student body likes this year’s book.”

  1. Mr. Bulldog

One of Romeo’s most beloved competitions, Mr. Bulldog is a night of fun for everyone involved. As the seniors’ last chance to score a victory, both newcomers and veterans vied for one last chance to wear the crown.


“Being crowned Mr. Bulldog was definitely the best part of senior year,” Adam Reiss ‘15 said. Reiss won the 2015 competition with his performance of ‘Fergalicious’. “I tend to keep to myself at school, so going on stage and showing everyone who I really am was very exciting. I’m honored to have participated in Mr. Bulldog, and even more honored to be crowned King.”


  1.  Spring Break

Spring Break, while usually just 10 days of freedom, takes on a greater meaning in senior year. Spring Break becomes the vacation of a lifetime: one last chance to be with lifelong friends, having the time of your lives before going on your separate ways. For many, Spring Break 2015 was a week never to be forgotten.


“Being with your friends for one whole week, living it up, will never come again,” Brendan Salva ‘15 said. “Nothing compares to being with everyone one last time.”


  1. Graduation

The moment where our childhood ends, and our lives begin. Graduation: a monumental moment in all of our lives, one that will certainly never be forgotten by all those involved. Graduation ranks not only among one of the best moments in high school, but one of life’s most important.


“Graduation is the ceremony that commemorates our entire high school career,” Courtney Cronin ‘15 said. “It is bound to be an emotional day, but I couldn’t be happier to be celebrating it with my friends and the Class of 2015.”


  1. Senior Prom

Despite Graduation’s significance, a good portion of Seniors feel more attached to, and engrossed by, prom. Prom is more than just a school dance; in a way, it feels more like a coming of age than graduation. Prom is the end of an era; a night of reminiscence, joy, and youth. Time stands still. Prom is one of the most memorable events in our lives.


“It’s important to me because it’s the seniors’ last time to get together and celebrate four years of memories,” Mikela Gorski ‘15 said.


1.The Countdown and the Last Day


About a month left in the school year, the days start to tick down. Everyone keeps track, watching as the number shrinks more and more. Finally, it’s here: the last day of high school.  Most students have spent 12 years of their lives in the school system, and now it’s over.


While a bit of a shock, the end is also a new beginning. The last day of high school is on every Senior’s mind, and many are aching to begin the next era of their lives.


“It’s a scary feeling, counting down how many days you have left,” Adam Nelson ‘15 said. “After spring break, time just flew by.”

With their schooling coming to a close, the Class of 2015 looks back on the greatest moments from their Senior Year, and looks forward to those yet to come.

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