Joelle Pfeil ‘17 – When asked about rape, students often imagine the act involves being attacked at random. Contrary to this common belief, being attacked on the street is less likely to happen than being date raped, a form of sexual assault committed while on a date, usually involving being drugged. According to, approximately one in four female college students is date raped while on campus.

“It is terrible and I guess I’ve never thought about being date raped,” Josie Hare, ‘15, said. “But women should be careful.”

Thirty-three percent of males surveyed said they would commit rape if they definitely could escape detection, according to

”I don’t understand how some men think they can just violate a woman like they do,” Spencer Reno,‘16, said. ”It might as well be considered a form of torture. Women are just as equal as men in society and shouldn’t be seen as anything lower. Not only that, but there are complications that could happen because of date rape such as pregnancy and women should never have to go through that. Especially if it happens at a very young age.”

According to, females ages sixteen to twenty-four are four times more likely to be date raped than any other age group. The emotional trauma this act forces on women at such a young age has an impact on who they will become in life, especially if such assaults are not discussed or dealt with. Forty-two percent of female date rape victims do not tell anyone about the assault, according to, making it more difficult for victims to move on and look past their assault. This lack of discussion also opens the door for assault to happen again, due to lack of prosecution of the perpetrator.

“If someone is assaulted, whether it be sexually, physically, or verbally, the first thing they should do is tell someone about it,” Quinn Walker, ‘16, said. “A parent, teacher, or person of authority should be notified right off the bat.”

Sexual assault is a problem that many worry about and, unfortunately, is something that happens everyday. One can choose to simply worry about it, or they can choose to take precautions and know how to handle the situation. Before something like this happened so close to home, many were waking up ignorant to the fact that such an assault could happen anywhere, to anyone, at anytime. In light of recent events that have affected the community, many are becoming more knowledgeable and are taking action. You are encouraged to do the same. Stay aware of your surroundings, make good choices, and be safe.


As the aforementioned story was being uploaded for publication WXYZ Detroit reported a breaking news story about Detroit Tigers pitcher Evan Reed being chargerd with criminal sexual misconduct. For further information please read WXYZ Detroit breaking news artical

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