Alexandria Malcolm ‘17 – After months of patient waiting and tear jerking trailers, the day finally came. On Friday February 26, Fuller House was available for streaming on Netflix. As parents and kids alike crammed around the TV to hear the “Have Mercy’s” and “How Rude’s” once again, there is no doubt that there was skepticism of how the revival would come together. Growing up watching Full House, I was excited to see how the new show would live up to the original.

The original Full House was jam-packed full, pun intended, of important life lessons and advice about growing up. When John Stamos announced on April 20, 2015 that a revival was in the works it was a household worry that staying true to the original show was looking to be a hard thing to do, and shocked audiences everywhere when it exceeded expectations.

Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber return to the set of Fuller House, to restore their beloved roles of DJ Tanner, Stephanie Tanner, and Kimmy Gibbler. DJ is now a widow, after losing her husband in a tragic accident at work, and now must manage to raise three boys, work a full time job, all while learning the ropes of being out in the dating world again. With the help of her younger sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy, and about 13 cheesey, but valuable, life lessons later, DJ finds that it isn’t as scary as she thought it would be. It was truly amazing how well they were able to stick to the original story line.

Not only did Bure, Sweetin and Barber return to the small screen, but the 13 episode season included special guest appearances from the beloved cast we all know and love. Although, it did not go unnoticed that there was a special someone missing.

After the Olsen twins decided not to sign onto the revival, I thought, well how could there be a reunion without one of the lead roles? It won’t be the same. Boy was I wrong. By poking light jabs and making jokes about the absence of the once tiny child stars, Fuller House writer Jeff Franklin did a phenomenal job to fill the void that the Olsen twins left.
The writers and stars of Fuller House were not only able to recreate the show that was loved by millions, but somehow they were able to rise above the standards that were set for them. By adding modern twists on some of the original story lines, they were able to reach both the audience of those who grew up watching Full House, and their kids. The Fuller family has most definitely made their way into the hearts of millions.

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