Cambell Geibel ‘21 and Jenna Knepper ‘21: People celebrate Halloween differently, yet the majority of people participate in similar activities around that time of year. The people of Romeo enjoy these things, but look forward to their own unique Halloween tradition: Tillson Street.

On Tillson Street, residents go all out decorating their houses to the extreme. Once October 31st rolls around, the street becomes a hotspot for young and old alike. Trick-or-Treaters collect large amounts of candy, while older visitors simply walk the street, enjoying the displays. Tillson Street brings Halloween to life in a new exciting way, attracting large amounts of visitors. People travel from all over, to get a glimpse at the one of a kind Halloween celebration.

The Halloween celebration starts a bit earlier for those who live on Tillson Street. While other families start preparing for the holiday as late as a week in advance, Tillson residents often take up to a month to get ready for the holiday. These Romeo families spend hours and hours creating scary lifelike scenes and interactive activities to display at the front of their houses.

Living on Tillson street his whole life, Chase Alverson ‘21, knows the inside scoop of everything that goes into preparing for Halloween. He enjoys the setting up of decorations, however, Alverson holds a different halloween tradition closest to his heart.

“My favorite part of living on Tillson is all the little kids running around, we do a trick-or-treat every year for kids fighting cancer,” Alverson ‘21 said.

The atmosphere of Tillson Street not only tests your fear factor, but also shows off the loving community of Romeo. Neighbors work together to build their unique displays in time for the rush of visitors. Jenna Povinelli ‘21, another Tillson resident and Romeo High school student, recognizes this unusual aura surrounding the street.

“It’s a lot of neighbors helping out neighbors because it can be very difficult. Some things are heavy and some things have to be put up in high places. It’s so crowded and busy, but everyone’s just really happy,” Povinelli said.

The joint effort of getting the street ready, the charitable acts such as cancer trick or treating, and the crowd it draws every year, separates Tillson Street from any other celebration and separates Romeo from other communities alike. The positivity and happiness that emanates from the Tillson street tradition, perfectly reflects and represents Romeo’s values. The whole community looks forward to celebrating Halloween on Tillson once again.


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