Rachel Peil ‘22: Every year, young and old alike always look forward to seeing their favorite sports team compete again. This year took a turn when the worldwide pandemic hit the United States. The coronavirus put a pause to everything, including professional sports. Luckily, the MLB returned in July with some restrictions. 

The season lasted only 60 games and no fans were allowed at games either. Not cheering for your favorite team or player is hard for fans, and it puts a burden on the player because they must adjust to not having the roar of the crowd to pump them up when they need it most.

“I knew it was for safety purposes, but I was disappointed I couldn’t go to any games. I’m still glad that I get to watch them play even if I watched all the games from my living room,” Maja Nikolovski ‘22 said. 

Although having a shortened season isn’t ideal, it presents the opportunity for young players in the minor leagues to get called up and get a feel for the big leagues. Detroit fans patiently waited for months to see this young talent get called up, and the time finally came for pitchers, Casey Mize and Tarik Skubal, and infielder, Isaac Paredes. 

“I think it’s great. Everyone has been waiting to see them and so far they have all done a great job,” Nikolovski said. 

All of the young talent wasn’t the only surprise for this 2020 Detroit Tigers season. Tigers manager, Ron Gardenhire announced his retirement with just a few weeks left in the season. 

“I was confused and thought he retired because he didn’t like the organization,” Ryan Petkov ‘22 said. 

Gardenhire battled cancer and diabetes, and all of that took a toll on him this season, not to mention the coronavirus. Gardenhire loved to manage this Tigers team and it showed all throughout this season. Unfortunately, he knew he needed to step down and take care of himself and his family.

Although this season proved to present unique opportunities, Tigers fans remain optimistic about the future of this team and all the young talent showcased this season. 

“I think they are headed in the right direction as long as everyone stays healthy. Seeing how well Mize and all of the players performed this season I have high hopes for next year,” Petkov said.

Whether you’re at home cheering on the Tigers or at the ballpark, one thing for sure is that “Detroit Roots” from anywhere and everywhere. 

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