Jenna Knepper ‘21: As school becomes routine and leaves begin to fall, Romeo Theatre Company gets ready to put on their fall play. This year, RTC showcases the play, TRAP. Perfect for this haunted season, the play features a horror mystery in which mythical creatures feed on people’s fear in a high school play. Students memorize lines and practice various parts for the auditions. After the cast list posting, various Romeo high actors scrambled to hopefully their name typed on the list.

Thrilled to find out that she made a lead role in TRAP, Romeo High School senior, Niccolette Kleinhoffer ‘20, gets ready to perform in her 9th show with RTC.    

“I play Gwendolyn Heche. She is a new detective who is assigned to a case about a mysterious attack that happened in a theatre show,” said Kleinhoffer.

Endless hours of rehearsal go into perfecting Romeo’s play this year. The routine of memorization and practice creates a mesmerizing storyline of a haunting mystery.

“I am super excited to see all of the effects we are trying to pull off. I think it will be really cool to see the show come together because it is not like anything we’ve done before,” said Kleinhoffer.

Landing the other lead role in TRAP, Kendyl Philips ‘22 gets ready to play Angela. Preparing to act in her first fall play at Romeo High School, Kendyl Philips excitedly awaits the coming show.

“I get to play the role of Angela, a 16 year old girl that got lucky in the case of an attack. I was very excited to get a larger role since this is my first show,” said Philips. 

Some hidden talents in Romeo Theatre Company, the tech and design teams work endless hours to create a performance that appeals to the eye and runs smoothly. Using his multiple talents in RTC, Jamie Patrona ‘21 plays Rickenboch Baynor in TRAP while simultaneously designing the actor’s costumes.  

“This is a horror play and my character, Rick Baynor, is a college professor who studies fear. It is going to be a really cool show and something that I have never done before. I am also head of costumes so I usually stay an hour after my rehearsals to plan out and design the different costumes for everyone,” said Patrona.

Come see Romeo Theatre Company’s production of TRAP.  A school show for all students takes place November 14th, and shows for the community to enjoy run November 15th-17th. Whether an actor, a part of the tech team, or a costume designer, everyone works together to guarantee a performance that all students, staff and families can enjoy. 

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