Lackowski ‘24: Romeo Theater Company works very hard to make final touches to their musical Sister Act! With only about two weeks left, they start to enter tech week to work on set-building and anything else left to finish. To speed things up, theater holds lock-ins to help with the process. 

“The lock-ins for tech crew I think are very important to all of us. It’s when all the little projects we’ve been working on finally come together and get finished. I personally really like lock-ins for how productive they are, most of the time we always have something to do,” Nevada Jaczkowski ‘24 said. “We get our sets painted and moved together and then after that we can get props moved into the sets and decide where they look best. Costumes can work on final outfits and adjustments and bring the show together. Everyone works hard to get our projects finished and we have a good time doing it! In the end we have an amazing show.”

The lock-ins usually last a few hours, but the crew enjoy each other’s company and spread the work all around. For the actors, the lock-ins involve a lot of dancing, singing, and acting. But in-between scenes give actors the chance to relax and hang out with each other. 

“Usually I hang out with all of my friends when I’m not on stage and really start getting nervous and excited for the show,” Kayla Sak ‘24 said.

This Friday and next Saturday, the theater company’s lock-ins begin and everyone starts to prepare for the work. Show dates take place on March 24-27th for the musical Sister Act! Make sure to come out and see it!

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