Sarah Fuzi ‘17 – Anyone young and old heard the fantasy of Santa Claus. The wonders of a man with flying reindeer, delivers presents to all of the children in the world in a single night. By exchanging in secret and putting on a red suit of their own, Secret Santa was born.

Of course, there are a few ‘Bah Humbugs’ about the idea. Proclaiming that the Secret Santa is confusing, hard, and complicated.

“Well, in elementary school, we didn’t know what to get the person,” Paige Grabb ‘16 said. “We didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl, so we didn’t know what to get.”  

Complications arise further when some participants fail to keep the secret about the people giving and receiving the gifts.

“Because the names of who is giving to who it is always spoiled before the gift is actually gets to the person receiving it,” Jillian Ulinski ‘16 said.

Although not everyone utilizes Secret Santa in a way that is hard nor complicated. Simply pulling names from a hat builds up the excitement and the spirit of Christmas

Exchanging the gifts brings swift delight and joy as they are passed hand in hand. Friends and family alike smile at the thought of their very own special secret Santa, another way people can become closer during the holiday.

“It gets you into the spirit of Christmas,” Sam Bratkowski ‘16 said. “Like when people see who you gets what and all of the excitement.”

It is not about the boxes, bows, and ribbons given during the holiday season, but it is about the people who went out of their way to spread happiness to those around them. Being with the ones you love and care about is what it’s all about.

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