Abigail Keller ‘16 – High school is drilled into our heads as “the best days of our lives” for as long as any teenager can remember. We grow up watching High School Musical and Lizzie Mcguire and become attached to this idea of high school we create through false advertisement. Coming into high school with incorrect information can be a big wake up call.

The “Status Quo” does not exist.

Are there cliques? Of course. You’ll find that anywhere in life, but there is no unwritten rule that you have to stick to one group or activity. You don’t have to choose between being athletic and smart, or artsy and having a passion for science. The girl’s varsity basketball and soccer star can score a lead role in the school musical. A dance team member can be intelligent enough to be the class valedictorian. Television programs and movies give a false percona on the “type” of high school students there are.

Popularity means nothing.

Being popular or unpopular does not affect the person that you are or will be. If you spend these four years competing for that title, you’re wasting time and energy. Once you receive that diploma and take your final steps in these halls none of it will matter, the way your peers view you will vanish. Who you are in high school does not reflect on who or what you’ll be during the next chapter of your life.

Be able to pick out the bullies.

Bullies are not limited to the big jocks and the captain of the cheer team, they’re everywhere. It can be the smartest girl in your math class, who sneakily scolds you for struggling on a problem or the guy on your football team whose threatened by your ability. It can even be your own so called “friends”, people who point out your insecurities and eat away at your self esteem. It can also be you. You choose what you want to be for these four years.

There will be hardship.

I don’t mean when Troy and Gabriella get into a fight and it apparently affects every other student at East High. There will be failure, heartbreak, and struggle. Sometimes you’re going to study for hours on end and still not pass your test. You could practice for months for a role in the play and still fall short of getting it. High school is definitely not easy, there’s always going to be some step back or roadblock in your way.

High school does not have to be the “best days of your life”.

You’re only 14-18 years old, don’t expect this to be your peak. Some may consider it the best time of their life, some may consider it the worst. It doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong because you don’t always enjoy it. Whether you love it or hate it, high school is four short years of your life, it doesn’t last forever.


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