Sarah Himmelsbaugh ‘21: A student smiles as music fills the air — another new piece successfully learned. The Suszko Piano Studio, located on Morton Street, has continued to create beautiful music since its doors opened in 2016. 

Providing weekly piano lessons, founder and instructor Emily Suszko passionately inspires students of all ages through her teaching.

“I have always loved music, especially the piano, and knew I wanted to be a teacher. After college, I realized that I found the most joy when teaching students to play piano so I chose to pursue that full time, with a goal of creating lifelong music learners who will enjoy playing music for the rest of their lives,” Suszko said.

Private piano lessons at the studio help both Suszko and her students reach their goals. Incorporating a creative individualized approach to each student, the studio proves to be the perfect place to discover and develop a passion for music.

Suszko’s strong background in music education allows her to deliver effective lessons to her students. Graduating from Hope College in 2014 with a Bachelor’s of Music in Music Education, she honed her teaching skills for many years.

“I began teaching piano during college and took courses that helped prepare me to be a piano teacher. After graduation, I taught piano part time as well as accompanying choirs in local schools. Now, I run the Suszko Piano Studio full time,” Suszko said.

Suszko’s background and current work demonstrates her lifelong admiration for music, and this becomes exactly what she instills in those who learn from her.

Students benefit greatly from the comprehensive nature of lessons at the studio. Each student is given the opportunity to select repertoire they truly enjoy and work on styles of music they prefer, while simultaneously learning through a balanced approach that improves all-around musicianship. Suszko achieves this level of all-inclusive teaching through creative activities, games, and frequent performance opportunities for students of all abilities. Additionally, the Suszko Piano Studio offers monthly group classes where students of similar levels perform for and learn from one another.

Providing a uniquely thorough teaching style for piano students of all ages, the Suszko Piano Studio remains an important staple of the music community in Romeo. Lessons are currently being offered in person, and students are also given the option of taking lessons through virtual platforms and apps to assist with practice and communication. Interested students can inquire by visiting or through email at

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