Ava Vendittelli ‘21: As the start of the school year begins, unprecedented times continue. Adapting to the unusual circumstances, schools make the tough decision of deciding what method of continuing best suits them. Romeo Community Schools becomes one of the few districts starting the year with hybrid learning. With the hybrid and virtual learning techniques being new for most, major adjusting takes place.

Romeo students separate into three cohorts: cohort one consisting of those with last names A-L, two consisting of last names M-Z, and three holding the students who opted to be all virtual. Cohort three attends class virtually along with the other cohort learning online that day, and cohort one and two attends class in-person twice a week.  

Lacking the student-teacher contact undoubtedly becomes the biggest contrast between hybrid and virtual learning. Although the hybrid learners participate in class online, the opportunity to physically go to class the next day remains. Without the distractions found at home, students find learning face to face easier. 

“I think the biggest benefit with hybrid is definitely being able to get student-teacher contact, it’s just something to help feel normal and I focus a lot better in the classroom,” Carlyn Shango ‘22 said.

With not attending classes physically as frequently (or at all in the case of all-remote students) and the lack of hands-on participation, the question of the quality of education comes into play. With distractions and technical difficulties, the quality of education easily slips away. Pets, being in bed, loss of connection, and phones all contribute to possible causes of the quality, and the list goes on.

“When I’m tired and not feeling class it’s so easy to get distracted at home, especially when I’m in my bed,” Egain Kuhn ‘22 said.

Although COVID-19 caused a bumpy start to the year, teachers and administrators try their best to give students the best learning experience during these times. With the unfamiliarity to this style of teaching and learning comes a huge adjustment. Nonetheless, the Romeo community discovers it together.

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