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Despite the harsh winter weather we have been experiencing, summer is fast approaching, and with the change in seasons comes plans for fun in the sun. However, these plans usually do not come free. The pressure is on for students to snag a summer job.

Seniors’ summers will especially consist of many hours of work and stress as they make the transition between childhood to adulthood.

RHS’ Senior Mock election winner of “Most Likely to be a Workaholic”, Ariana Compo (12), plans to work a summer job this year.

“I waitress and hostess at Romeo Family Diner,” Compo said. “I chose to work there because my sister worked there previously. The reason why I have the job is so I can pay for college and other future expenses.” Compo was not voted “workaholic” for nothing. She is more than willing to put in the hours at her job to make some extra money.

While some students work at restaurants and other local businesses over the summer, others work with the community for more than just the money.

“I work for Parks and Recreation” Connor Kowalke (12) said. “It’s called Summer Bonanza. It’s a day camp for kids and it’s good work. This job keeps me out of trouble in the summer”.

However, seniors are not the only ones scrambling to find work. Underclassmen hope to score a job over this summer as well.

“I don’t have a summer job, but I want one,” said Logan Ganfield (10), “I think I want to try to work a landscaping job and with that, I want to save my money to buy a car,” Ganfield said.

Some may view summer as pure freedom, others see it as a perfect opportunity to  make money. How will you spend your much anticipated summer?

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